Amos Brocco
Country: Switzerland
Position: Lecturer-Researcher
Affiliations: Institute for Information Systems and Networking
Department of Innovative Technologies
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Address: Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana
Polo universitario Lugano - Campus Est
Via la Santa 1
CH-6962 Lugano - Viganello

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Email (Work): amos _dot_ brocco _at_ supsi _dot_ ch
Email (Private): me _at_ amosbrocco _dot_ ch member since 24.08.2007


ImmagineWhere? Experimental
When? 2013-


ImmagineWhere? Arosa (Switzerland)
When? August 2020
ImmagineWhere? Luzzone's Dam (Switzerland)
When? July 2020
ImmagineWhere? Monte Generoso (Switzerland)
When? June 2020


ImmagineWhere? Molveno (Italy)
When? July 2019


ImmagineWhere? Arosa (Switzerland)
When? July/August 2018
ImmagineWhere? Cesenatico (Italy)
When? July 2018
ImmagineWhere? Venezia (Italy)
When? March 2018
ImmagineWhere? Padova, Bassano del Grappa, Schio (Italy)
When? February 2018


ImmagineWhere? Leukerbad, Sion (Switzerland)
When? August 2017
ImmagineWhere? Arosa (Switzerland)
When? July 2017


ImmagineWhere? Arosa, Chur (Switzerland)
When? August/September 2016
ImmagineWhere? Ulm, Dinkelsbühl, Augsburg (Germany)
When? March 2016


ImmagineWhere? Budapest (Hungary)
When? April 2015
ImmagineWhere? Oris Ambrì Fly-In 2015
When? June 2015
ImmagineWhere? France, Belgium, Netherlands
When? July 2015
ImmagineWhere? Nürnberg, Germany
When? December 2015


ImmagineWhere? Trentino (Italy)
When? April 2014
ImmagineWhere? Guangzhou (China)
When? August/September 2014
ImmagineWhere? Madeira (Portugal)
When? October 2014


ImmagineWhere? München (Germany)
When? December 2013/January 2014
ImmagineWhere? Vienna (Austria)
When? November 2013
ImmagineWhere? Kraków (Poland)
When? August 2013
ImmagineWhere? Trentino/Brescello/Parma (Italy)
When? July 2013
ImmagineWhere? Heidelberg (Germany)
When? May 2013
ImmagineWhere? New York/Denver (USA)
When? March/April 2013
ImmagineWhere? Vienna (Austria)
When? February 2013


ImmagineWhere? Dublin/Cork (Ireland)
When? November 2012
ImmagineWhere? South Korea
When? July 2012
ImmagineWhere? Warsaw (Poland)
When? May 2012
ImmagineWhere? Florida (USA)
When? April 2012


ImmagineWhere? Normandy/Brittany/Paris/Nancy (France)
When? July 2011
ImmagineWhere? Karlsruhe/Stuttgart (Germany)
When? Spring 2011


ImmagineWhere? Strasbourg (France)
When? December 2010/January 2011
ImmagineWhere? London (England)
When? November 2010
ImmagineWhere? Dublin (Ireland)
When? November 2010
ImmagineWhere? Scotland
When? July 2010
ImmagineWhere? Genova (Italy)
When? June 2010
ImmagineWhere? Prague (Czech Republic)
When? May 2010
ImmagineWhere? Madrid (Spain)
When? February 2010


ImmagineWhere? Berlin (Germany)
When? December 2009 / January 2010
ImmagineWhere? Berlin (Germany)
When? December 2009
ImmagineWhere? Stockholm (Sweden)
When? October 2009
ImmagineWhere? California, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah (USA)
When? July/August 2009
ImmagineWhere? Barcelona (Spain)
When? June 2009
ImmagineWhere? Orlando, Nassau, Castaway Cay (USA, Bahamas)
When? April/Mai 2009
ImmagineWhere? Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana (USA)
When? March/April 2009


ImmagineWhere? Wuhan, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai (China)
When? October 2008
ImmagineWhere? Bruxelles
When? September 2008
ImmagineWhere? Massachusetts/New York/Pennsylvania/Washington DC (USA), Québec/Ontario (CA)
When? June/July 2008


ImmagineWhere? Amsterdam
When? September 2007
ImmagineWhere? California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New York (USA)
When? August 2007
ImmagineWhere? Oahu / Hawaii (USA)
When? April 2007
ImmagineWhere? Lisbon / Portugal
When? March 2007


ImmagineWhere? Tenerife / Spain
When? September 2006
ImmagineWhere? Transylvania / Romania
When? August 2006


ImmagineWhere? Home
When? 2005


ImmagineWhere? Home
When? 2004

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