Amos Brocco
Country: Switzerland
Position: Lecturer-Researcher
Affiliations: Institute for Information Systems and Networking
Department of Innovative Technologies
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Address: Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana
Polo universitario Lugano - Campus Est
Via la Santa 1
CH-6962 Lugano - Viganello

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Email (Work): amos _dot_ brocco _at_ supsi _dot_ ch
Email (Private): me _at_ amosbrocco _dot_ ch member since 24.08.2007
TikiTaka (Tachistoscopio brani gratuito)

TikiTaka - Tachistoscopio brani gratuito

Supporta diverse modalità (parola, brano) con o senza sillabazione. Non necessita di installazione o registrazione.

Prova la versione beta!

Various Stuff
OO in C (in 100 LOC)
OO in C (in 100 LOC)
Melda Delta-State JSON CRDT (Rust)
Melda Delta-State JSON CRDT (Rust)
Polder Bash!
PolderBash (Didactic adventure game written in Bash)
libJoTS/libstooldb: Synchronizable JSON C/C++ library (Private)
reCAMS (The successor of AutoCAMS, written in C++/Qt) (Private)
Poma (Poorman's Pipeline, Modular data processing framework written in C++)


reCAMS is an Automated Cabin Air Management System (known as CAMS or AutoCAMS) simulator written in C++ using Qt and QML. The underlying idea comes from AutoCAMS 2.0. The application is built upon a client-server architecture and supports multiple users and multiple experiments running at the same time. The client interface can be deployed on several operating systems (Windows,GNU/Linux,OSX, as well as on mobile platforms such as Android).

Client interface

Server (Management) interface

Other Projects
+ Yet Another Variation of Myers for generic containers 2021 C++
+ AutoCAMS+ (Improvements to the AutoCAMS platform) 2008-2015 Java
+ Skarabee 2012-2014 C / C++ / Python
+ OverSwarm toolkit 2010-2012 C++/Java
+ gmfill - GnuMeric FILLER (simplifies gnumeric workbook and graph creation) 2011 Python
+ BlatAnt Algorithm (bio-inspired P2P overlay topology optimization) 2008-2010 Java
+ Freezer (Deezer tray icon) 2008 Java
+ WikiShell, a Wikipedia shell 2007 Python
+ GSuperMacro (Java-like 'super' for GObject) 2007 C
+ FlexibleRules 2006-2010 Java
+ Dummy Plagiarism Detector 2006 Python
+ Solenopsis (Ant algorithms platform) 2006-2010 Java/Lisp
+ RoXanne Framework (XML database-like application with security extensions) (Msc) 2004-2005 Java
+ speAker VeRIfication Lab (Bsc) 2003 C++
+ Woodstock Logo (Info IA) 2000-2001 Scheme

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