Amos Brocco
Country: Switzerland
Position: Lecturer-Researcher
Affiliations: Institute for Information Systems and Networking
Department of Innovative Technologies
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Address: Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana
Polo universitario Lugano - Campus Est
Via la Santa 1
CH-6962 Lugano - Viganello

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Email (Work): amos _dot_ brocco _at_ supsi _dot_ ch
Email (Private): me _at_ amosbrocco _dot_ ch member since 24.08.2007
Teaching activities

Current (Bachelor @ SUPSI)

Current (Master @ SUPSI)

Current (Continuing Education @ SUPSI)

Current (Didactic @ IUFFP)

Student Project Supervision (Bachelor/Master @ SUPSI)

Previous years (Bachelor @ SUPSI)

  • Programmazione a eventi, parallela e concorrente (PAP C02045.01P) (lecturer)
    • Introduction to event programming, event based frameworks, multiprocess programming, multithread programming (PThread), synchronization primitives (mutex, semaphores, barriers, monitors), deadlock and starvation, classical IPC problems (producer/consumer, philosophers, sleeping barber, reader/writers), lock-free data structures
  • Esercitazioni di Sistemi Operativi (E02051)
    • Supervision of three projects: Linux module implementing a char device with simple encryption capabilities, implementation of a PAM module for web based authentication, implementation of a FUSE filesystem for accessing clipboard contents.

Previous years (Continuing Education @ SUPSI)

Previous years (@ University of Fribourg)

Supervisor (@ University of Fribourg)

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